portrait photo of Balint Perjesi

Dedication, Versatility, Cordiality

…is my everyday maxim. My name is Balint Perjesi, and I am the founder of Livesign Development. My aim is to help you achieve your goals by providing you with a beautiful, functional and reliable online presence, that reflects your vision. Whether you need a stunning presentational website to showcase your services and products, an elaborate online learning system to attract members from around the globe, or a full-fledged e-commerce platform to sell material or digital products, I will be your trustworthy and friendly partner in that venture!
Besides being a web developer, I am also a social person. Having lived in five different countries, I speak four languages: English, French, German and Hungarian, the latter being my mother tongue. I love interacting with people from all horizons and listening to them, which allows me to genuinely understand their needs. Last but not least, I am also passionate about music, literature, history, cinema and theatre.

If you want to tell the world who you are,
I will be happy to be your messenger!



screenshot of the website ahababies.com

AHA Babies

AHA Babies stands for As Happy As Babies… The owners of this charming online shop wanted to offer a Fairytale Experience to their customers, so they could feel the joy of children when it comes to family celebrations. Their line of festive outfits for baby girls and boys delights many parents across the UK and Europe.

“Awesome Balint – this is how I call him not just because he is a great web developer but also for his attitude and character. He helped me to build multiple websites including ahababies.com and I have always been very satisfied with his work. I highly recommend Balint Perjesi!”
portrait photo of mirel duta, owner of the online retail store ahababies.com
Owner – Nottingham


screenshot of the website thecgcentre.com

The Consciousness and Guidance Centre

The CG Centre is a team of developmental coaches and therapists based in Morden. Since it became increasingly important to reach their members remotely, they decided to develop an online mentoring programme. The participants log in to their exclusive online learning area, where they can access all the suitable modules.

“I am truly grateful to Balint for developing our website  thecgcentre.com and for taking care of every single tech detail that our online membership needs. From the very beginning I felt that with Balint we were in extremely good hands. Serving 2 audiences in 2 different languages – English and Romanian – I desired to ask a professional to create and maintain a website for us. This professional is Balint! Thank you Balint for your exceptional guidance, support and vision.”
profile photo of adina oltean, founder of the consciousness and guidance centre
Founder – Morden


screenshot of the website cabal-games.com

Cabal Games

Cabal Games is an independent video game studio based in London. In order to showcase their upcoming Pro Wrestling game on the studio’s landing page, they wanted to offer a bold and resolutely vintage experience to their visitors, along with some striking animations.

“From start to finish excellent quality! Balint’s swift and friendly attitude is a pure joy to work with. From the big overall concept of the page to the most minute details, we always felt understood and our vision was made real. His consideration for quality and innovation was evident from the moment the first concepts were discussed and their execution was spot on. Highly recommended. I couldn’t be happier with how cabal-games.com has turned out.”
profile photo of daniel rend, director of cabal-games.com
Director – London


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